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RT @RascalTweets: Praying for Canada and our brothers and sisters there. http://t.co/TIYRZDne93
LIFE Leadership Announces Three-City Convention Tour http://t.co/3jszux6QYU via @PRWeb
The candle inside will eventually burn out; the question is: did it light the path for those following us?
Life is a dream made real through the power of our imaginations.
RT @billschmidtjr: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed people can change the world. Indeed,it is the only thing that eveā€¦
A person that does not value your time will not value your advice. #leadership #leadershipdevelopment
RT @kenblanchard: It's never too late to redesign your life and leave the kind of legacy you would like to live.
RT @RascalTweets: Leaders identify problems, and then solve them. It only sounds simple.
A person isn't believable until he believes. #leadership
RT @_robin_sharma: Nothing awesome ever happens in the safe harbor of the known and within the comfortable court of complacency.