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The more a person fills his head with dramas, the less room he has for his dreams.
The best leaders build hope in their teams, but also build a workable plan to fulfill that hope.
Sturgeon's Law states 90% of anything is crud. One of the keys to success is to not take 90% crud advice.
Salvation is thru Christ's obedience to the law while prosperity is thru our obedience to the law.
Pursue your purpose, not your paycheck.
We must forgive to be forgiven. http://t.co/RAwaXqKb7z
People forgive a leaders skill deficiency much quicker than they will forgive character deficiency.
Never try to make yourself feel bigger by making others feel smaller.
Modern society has access to information like never before, but lacks hunger to learn like never before.
Learning from the past is much different than living in it.