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You will never discover the buried treasures inside of you until you start digging in with the proper tools. #Lovelifeleadership
"Conventional Wisdom" is certainly not wisdom, & only is conventional because foolishness is so common today. #lovelifeleadership
A limited state with free economic systems is the soil where the liberty tree blossoms. #Lovelifeleadership
Anyone can begin a journey of a thousand miles, but only those with persistence finish the journey. #Lovelifeleadership
Making and keeping commitments to self precedes making and keeping them to others. #Life #Leadership
Gossip is the type of murder preferred by cowards. #Life #Leadership
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To leaders, drama is in the struggle for victory, to non-leaders, drama is in how to escape the blame of defeat. #Life #Leadership
Be prepared to "Always do MORE than you think it will take. Because the natural thing is to underestimate what it will take." #Leadership
Anyone can coast downhill towards average; it takes intentionality to climb uphill towards real #success. #liveitforward #Leadership