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@berryguy1 thanks Jerry
RT @kseidl34: This is so stinkin' cool! @RascalTweets and @Orrin_Woodward speaking to the Italian Senate! https://t.co/lEZcgtzYrE
RT @AdamRossman: Leadership Train just knocked it out of the park. Thanks to @Orrin_Woodward for all your hard work and inspiring #leadersh…
RT @brandon59perry: @Orrin_Woodward this book is amazing! Needs to be given out after people sign up! http://t.co/iJJu8CjgyO
@marcmilitello What a superb job Marc and Kristine Militello did in opening the LIFE Leadership Convention - Simply Stellar!
In life, most people surrender what is possible for what is comfortable #Life #Leadership #Leadershipdevelopment
@Normjohnson62 @billschmidtjr Thanks Norm.
@iBarraganMusic As he gets older, he will be thankful he had a parent who cared. thanks, Orrin
RT @kseidl34: Wow!! The Leadership Train by @Orrin_Woodward is my new favorite!Everyone in the world needs this book! Couldn't put it down.…
RT @ckschill: There is no guarantee in life, except the guarantee that doing nothing will achieve nothing. #leadershiptrain @Orrin_Woodward