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"Our attitudes & words are teaching the next generation" Barbara Hughes. #TLYAW
When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. But, when you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED - Samsundar Balgobin #TLYAW
Credentialist hide behind titles to demand rights, but creators lead from the front through serving others #TLYAW
Respect, Wrestling and Redefining Success: https://t.co/rPOUFXYa1v
Leaders accept people where they are at, but believe people where they want to be. #TLYAW
Whoever said ignorance is bliss was ignorant. :) #TLYAW
RT @zachfreylife: "God's #delay is not His #denial." -Lana Hamilton Life University 2016 #TLYAW https://t.co/o9HaKg64zy https://t.co/76KgdN…
You don't feel like a winner and then do; you do like a winner and then feel. #TLYAW
Private Achievements Lead to Public Achievements #TLYAW