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Leadership boils down to the two things that most people cannot resist, love and service. #Leadership #Love #service
Few see a big vision; less who conceive how to accomplish it; infinitesimal those who will labor tenaciously to create it.#Life #Leadership
RT@viking4352 It takes no more energy to have a good life than a bad life- unknown
RT@chris_mattis A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, but most people live paycheck to already spent - Curtis Spolar
#Historical fact: Wealth increases when more choices are given to the consumers. Decreased choices equals decreased wealth. #Life#Leadership
Understanding the Financial Matrix is the key to escaping it. https://t.co/dnKjdri1aW
Reciprocity is the word that best defines a true free enterprise system. #Life #Leadership
The essence of political tragedy is to make the perfect the enemy of the good. - #Aristotle #Life #Leadership
Faith that we will gather a harvest does not remove the work involved to plant the seeds. #faith #life #leadership
RT@Laurie_Woodward "I don't fear failure because it doesn't define me." Annie Downs