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Life Leadership: The Insiders' Confession https://t.co/VHtMHgfWGC
How to escape the Financial Matrix by aligning the conscious (Ant) and subconscious (Elephant) mind. https://t.co/lllSDYL7nJ
I miss 100% of the goals that I never set. You have to have goals to achieve them #LoveLifeLeadership
"Building Confidence and Character" #LoveLifeLeadership - @ClaudeHamilton https://t.co/ur2ORuq9UY
Two types of failures: 1. A person who will never follow instructions. 2. A person who will always follow instructions #LoveLifeLeadership
#Life #Leadership Features the Completed Life on Life PA Project! https://t.co/mauyhNgr07 https://t.co/Yg6jbqBTe8
Authority is direction based upon respect and consent given to leader. Power is direction based upon fear of violence if not followed #Life
I assess the value of a leader's principles as the price they are willing to pay to keep them. #LoveLifeLeadership
Each stage of our life has a purpose-embrace where you are and allow God to use you for his Glory. #lovelifeleadership @gharteis
If you don't discipline your phone time, your phone will control you, sadly this is what is going on in the world today! @billschmidtjr