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RT @Laurie_Woodward: "I would rather suffer with truth than celebrate in lies" @Orrin_Woodward #LoveLifeLeadership
Poor leaders prefer the calm sea of mediocrity rather than the tempestuous sea of change. #Change #LoveLifeLeadership
Chris Brady Dissects the True Meaning of Discipleship for the Beacon Catalyst Group https://t.co/GjgsJPEhOc
At times the only answer good enough for a critic is silence. Criticism shouldn't demoralize, but energize. #LoveLifeLeadership
Posture is believing in your dreams more than others disbelieve. #Leadership #dreambig #LoveLifeLeadership
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"Competence through Action": by @Orrin_Woodward https://t.co/3eFPPdNwAt #LoveLifeLeadership
#LoveLifeLeadership https://t.co/mKxyCu5vvD
RT @DennisWWolf: Whenever I need a Mentor in my Life, I cannot think of none better than Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.