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Criticism shouldn't demoralize, but energize.
Is there really ethics in money production? http://t.co/XMcrzSdBfc
RT @robby_palmer: Absolutely amazing weekend in Michigan!! @Orrin_Woodward has inspired many lives. His lions of leaders are amazing! Thankā€¦
But is the word used before you rationalize why the situation is not your fault nor responsibility.
Anyone can begin a journey of a thousand miles, but only those with persistence finish the journey.
@DPAnderson Welcome to LIFE Damon!
A limited state with free economic systems is the soil where the liberty tree blossoms.
"Conventional Wisdom" is certainly not wisdom, & only is conventional because foolishness is so common today.
You will never discover the buried treasures inside of you until you start digging in with the proper tools.
You can tell the size of the leader by the size of the issues they can handle without losing emotional intelligence.