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Travis Allen, Founder of iSchool Initiative & LIFE Leadership member speaking at Walt Disney World® Conference! http://t.co/X3B78Zos49
Trust is earned in pennies and lost in dollars.
Those focused on the future don't complain about their past; those complaining about their past aren't focused on their futures.
The masses are motivated by self-interest, but demagogues know that hatred is stronger than self-interest.
The ability to focus is the key separation point between those who move ahead and those who fall behind.
RT @viking4352: Most people refuse to execute the PDCA process because they fear feeling like a failure more than they fear being a failure…
Break through your limiting beliefs and advance to the leadership lens. https://t.co/PFxdN2zI9E
RT @HartmannLIFE: When gov't protects its members rights with justice for all, society thrives. When gov't becomes unjust, society dives. @…
Stop worrying and start leading.
Professional Goliath circlers make poor leaders.