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Why aren't we as responsible to our 5% potential as we are to our 95% reality? #Life
RT @myronTpowell: "Your strength comes from your struggle." –Jeff Arnold
When you resort to force, you have reached your leadership limit. #Life #Leadership #leadershipskills
RT @katealcala9: If you do your duties before your liberties, you'll really be able to enjoy your liberties. @Orrin_Woodward
@les_prosser Glad you enjoyed them. Keep learning and leading!
@les_prosser Hi Les. Yes, many moons ago. :)
Why sacrifice your future success on the altar of past mistakes? #Life #Leadership
RT @LIFELeadrship: "Cut Your Limiting Beliefs Off at the Roots" by @Orrin_Woodward http://t.co/EfVPcecAsW
RT @RascalTweets: Multitasking is a con artist that robs you of focus.
Winners think and act while others talk and watch. #Life #Leadership #winner