The Leadership Train

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Orrin Woodward’s new book, The Leadership Train, uncovers the mysteries of network marketing and debunks any fallacies and misconceptions about its value and validity. This captivating, easy-reading narrative details one man’s complete turnaround after struggling for years with finding fulfillment in his career and putting his family relationships at jeopardy because of it. Sparked by an unexpected reunion with a long-lost friend and coworker who has gained much more peace, happiness, and success since he left his fast-climbing corporate position and built a large network marketing business, Bobby Davis embarks on a journey that helps him find his true purpose and much more satisfaction in his work and personal life. This is a dream builder’s dream come true! Not only do you as a business owner need this book, but you need to get this book into the hands of any others you meet who might be looking for something more in life. Learn how to build a successful network marketing business from one of the greatest networkers in history, and help others to do the same. Discover how to handle pyramid and other objections and wipe out any doubts, untruths, and false beliefs that prospective members and customers, and possibly even you yourself, might have. Grab your boarding pass and bring along as many people as you can because the leadership train is going places fast, and you don’t want anyone to miss out!



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Free Enterprise is the consistent application of freedom applied to the marketplace. #LoveLifeLeadership
Are you passionate enough about what you do to give your life to it? #LoveLifeLeadership
A goal is planned conflict against the status quo. #LoveLifeLeadership
Charles & Frédérique ~ A Life Leadership Story of Determination ~#LoveLifeLeadership
You reach the peak of ignorance when you think you know it all. #LoveLifeLeadership
You cannot have common habits and expect to live an uncommon life. #LoveLifeLeadership
You cease to be excellent the moment you accept mediocrity in your life. #LoveLifeLeadership
RT @vvarada: It's right to be content with what you have but not what you are and who you are @Laurie_Woodward #lovelifeleadership
RT @wplent5: "I believe a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed." The Last Samurai #lovelifeleadership